Last updated: March 27th, 2019


What does Verify do?

Like the name implies, Verify verifies a backup ZIP file with a "It Passed!" if it is complete and a "It Failed!" if it is incomplete.

How do I use Verify?

You simply hit "BROWSE", select your ZIP file, click the "VERIFY ZIP FILE" button, and view your status.


What does the Status tell me?

The Status lets you know if your ZIP file passes or fails and which part of the file that passed/failed.

Are any copies stored of the data on Smooth Sailing Technologies' server?

Short answer, no. We provide results as of the moment of verification and do not store copies of the data on our server, or provide cloud backup offerings at this time.


Is the pricing per user?

No, the pricing is set up per group of users. For example, 10 Users = $10.

Is the pricing per Month or per Year?

The pricing is set up per year.


What type of support do I receive?

We offer 24/7 email support to guide you through whatever comes up.

Will there be updates?

Short answer, yes. Like any good technology, things are always changing so we will issue updates to improve the app.